Tamil Version Books

Tamil Version Books

Below listed are Engaging and Inspiring Unique Tamil Books about Mathematics and Science exclusively devoted to Tamil Audience.

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Kanitham Endraal Kadinamah? New

Kanitham Endraal Kadinamah?

கணிதப் பாடத்தில் மாணவர்களிடம் அதிகளவில் ஐயம் ஏற்படுவதை நாம் காண்கிறோம். இவ்வித சந்தேகங்களை அவ்..


Kanitha Varalaarum Payanum-1 New

Kanitha Varalaarum Payanum-1

This is the first volume of series of books published focusing the History of Mathematics as it is o..


Edhilum Kanitham-1 New

Edhilum Kanitham-1

This book is the first volume of series of books published exclusively for explaining the applicatio..


Kadhaiyil Kalandha Kanitham New

Kadhaiyil Kalandha Kanitham

This book contain 20 interesting stories. Each story is embedded with a suitable concept in mathemat..


Inaiyilla Indhiya Ariviyal

  "இணையில்லா இந்திய அறிவியல்" the book portrays the importance and heritage of Indian Scienc..


Engalin Anbar

  “எண்களின் அன்பர்" (Lover of Numbers) is the first detailed full length biography of Ramanu..


Enngalin Ennangal New

Enngalin Ennangal

  "எண்களின் எண்ணங்கள்" the book present numbers in very elementary and elegant way from basi..