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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I redeem reward points or coupons?

Add your products to cart, click on top for added items, in the left panel click on the option View Cart to apply coupons or reward points.

Will I get rewards on guest checkout?

No, we don't offer rewards on guest checkout. Our signup process is simple and takes a minute maximum for registration.

How are my orders processed?

All orders are processed through third-party payment gateway.

Does third party payment gateway store my card information?

No, your payments are processed only through corresponding bank with unique reference code.

List your third party payment gateway providers?

Currently, we are tied-up with CashFree and PayPal (Only for International orders).

How secure are my payments?

All your transactions are encrypted with 256-bit SSL, you would be redirected through HTTPS URL with secure layer.

How are my refunds processed?

For every transaction a unique reference code will be provided by corresponding bank, the same would be used for processing your refund.

What information does Pie Mathematics Association stores?

PMA stores your billing details with order details under a unique order ID.

What if I don't receive order details on mail?

Do check your spam thoroughly and ensure to note down your order ID on successful completion of payment for future reference.

Why am I charged for shipping?

We charge ₹50/- as flat shipping cost for all orders below ₹500/-, and for orders above ₹500/- we offer free shipping.