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The Journey of Genius

The Journey of Genius
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This amazing book takes you on an exciting journey into understanding how mathematics shapes the world we live in. Don’t fear! The book doesn’t bury you under a mountain of calculations; rather, the story leads you seamlessly from everyday life situations to the underlying math and science that actually determine and dictates it. The story lets everyone experience the Aha movement that comes with understanding and experiencing the many beautiful secrets of nature, and of the universe itself.  

Two adorable lead characters of the book take us on a journey along with them, letting us understand how things happen, and how the universe can be made sense of. Along the way, they solve mysteries, find stolen money, crack impossible challenges, and above all – they have a great time and discover a beautiful friendship.

To most of us,mathematics comes across as abstract science far removed from our daily life and thoughts. This book dispels this illusion, taking us on a fast-paced narrative. This is a book one simply has to read; a book for all ages, and for all reasons.

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Language English
ISBN 9788191088465
Total Pages 276
Released 29th May 2016

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