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Cracking Crimes

Cracking Crimes
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Math to catch criminals? Algebra to crack codes in ancient scripts? Propositional Logic to trace missing animals? Combinatorics to crack conspiracies? Graph theory to zero in on murderers...? Well, such magic unfolds in Cracking Crimes, a funky and fabulous whodunit from Prof. R. Sivaraman, the author of the bestseller ‘Journey of Genius: Exciting Mathematical Adventures’.  

Like the famous fictional detective duo of Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Dr. Watson, in Cracking Crimes, Detective Rudran and his assistant Dr. Sophia team up to crack puzzling mysteries, track ruthless murderers, catch fleeing criminals and unearth lost treasures using mathematical formulae and logic!

Cracking Crimes is a must-read for all those who love math and mysteries!

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Language English
ISBN 9788191088472
Total Pages 208
Released 19th March 2018

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